5 responses to “Countdown to Launch of Storm: Props, Setting & Inspiration”

  1. Kathy Cannon Wiechman

    Since my current WIP is a Civil War historical fiction, I visited a school in Rome, GA (that was a hospital during the war), the site of Andersonville Prison & the town of Andersonville. I visited 2 different steamboat museums & spent time on the bank of the Mississippi. Yes these places are all different from what they were 150 years ago, but that’s where my imagination comes in. I did, however, really learn to load & fire a muzzleloader. Much better than having to imagine it.

  2. Juno

    My current story takes place in a castle, so if I could travel anywhere to do research, I would go to England and visit castles. I would explore the castles and pay attention to layout. I would also sneak around, to find all of the good hiding spots in a castle.

  3. Mishelle

    I would go live with the Sages of Sivana in India for a short time. Being there would allow me to write from my truest self without any distractions or outside influences. I would see and feel myself as completely whole — see myself as I really am, and would listen to nature and nothing more.

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