5 responses to “Countdown to Launch of Storm: Interview with Storm + Giveaway”

  1. Jon Egan

    I love this interview, It’s such a great idea really gives you an in depth look into Storm’s character. Awesome Melissa…

  2. Jamie Kubista

    I believe that Storm has a lot of secrets. Some too hard to tell. He seems really mysterious and very cautious as well, So I wold have to say that is secrets have a lot to do with his mother, and I seem to think his name Storm has a whole other meaning. 😉

  3. Joy Keeney

    Storm seems to be a special young man with a story waiting to be read. Perhaps the secrets he keeps tucked away have to do with just how special he is. I’m so wanting to read this one to find out more about Storm.

    Love the cover!

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