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I’m currently working on two novels to be released in the winter of 2015 and summer 2016 by DreamFusion Press! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come…

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Dystopian young adult novel, ARCANE to be released in 2016:

Twenty-year-old Jett is surviving in a world where weather is violent and deadly. Nearly all of humankind has been wiped from the planet except for a few remaining clans. Jett’s clan have become like family, though he never lets anyone too close – he can’t bear to lose another soul. During a scavenger raid, Jett stumbles upon a deadly ambush and is nearly killed by the only remaining survivor – an angry mute girl they call, Arcane. She possesses exceptional fighting skills that have Jett’s entire clan questioning her background. Is she the enemy, or a friend? When Jett’s heart gets involved, it may be too late. Can Jett save his love and family?


Chick-lit romance, LOVE AGAIN to be released in 2015:

Dillan Coggwell has just returned to her hometown, ready to leave her college days and dark secrets behind. She finds a kick-ass job, cute apartment and has an amazing circle of friends but one thing is missing – her high school sweetheart. She can’t bear his hardened heart, model-esque girlfriend and life that doesn’t involve her. Can she fight the feelings that have been haunting her and keep the past from surfacing?

Landi Powell is more than a little pissed that the girl who crushed his heart is back in his turf. How dare she disturb his social life, befriend his dying mother and act as if they were the friends they once were. He vowed to never let her back in – no matter what. But when he finds his world crumbling, Landi isn’t sure he can suppress the feelings he’s tried so hard at forgetting. Will he allow himself to soften enough to love again?

I will be sure to keep you updated on all of the latest goodies including excerpts, book trailers, giveaways and more. Stay tuned! :)


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